Mertins Safety

Partner At Nuclear Safety


The German Atomic Energy Act requires state-of-the-art science and technology to guarantee hazard and risk prevention while operating nuclear facilities. This safety level is the benchmark for nuclear activities of our company.

We have more than 40 years experience in Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) operation acting as experts and consultants for different institutions. By using our extensive knowledge in Eastern and Western safety NPP concepts and our collective operational and scientific experience, we have contributed to develop national and international safety related requirements.

For safety assessments we use the actual national safety rules, the precise safety rules and recommendations of international organisations such as IAEA and advisory bodies such as WENRA.

For many years we are actively involved in different safety related tasks at the IAEA and WENRA/RHWG.

Our long term experience in both the construction of NPP and in its operation has given us critical expertise in identifying and solving safety-related questions. By drawing on our experience in NPP construction and in commissioning and operation of NPP’s and its equipment, we can assist institutions in planning to construct, commission and operate nuclear facilities, as well developing and following the proper procedures to decommission these facilities.

We are able to apply our knowledge as follows:

  • host educational events
  • evaluate equipment- and system-designs to look for ways to improve safety standards
  • analysis of events and identification of appropriate corrective actions
  • identification of the appropriate safety procedures necessary for each event
  • answer questions related to operational organisation and safety management
  • support national and international organizations to develop of safety related requirements
  • provide assistance in the construction of Generation-4 projects and with ASME, NBIC und CSA Codes

In addition, we offer a broad range of knowledge in required regulations for conventional power plants, such as design and operation of gas and steam powered plants.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Manfred Mertins

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